Project Showcase


This page showed the summary past projects I have worked on during my Master’s Degree at SMU MITB.  Please feel free to explore and click on each project to get more detail about the project.

1 E-commerce Dashboard

e-commerce dashboard.JPG

This is a ‘proof-of-concept’ how we can utilize R and Shiny to create an e-commerce website dashboard. The data was static but it is possible to use real-time connection with various platforms such as SQL, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. (More info)

2 Twitter & Facebook Scraper

Using Twitter and Facebook API, we could extract information from Twitter easily, this project is to use R programming to extract the information from Twitter and Facebook – especially from Public Profile. (More info)

If you would like to establish projects similar to above, please feel free to contact me.
linkedinKanokkorn Prasongthanakit

The rest of this blog (except the showcases above) was written in Thai as I intended this to be a personal journal.

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