Showcase: E-commerce Dashboard


This is a ‘proof-of-concept’ how we can utilize R and Shiny to create an e-commerce website dashboard. The data was static but it is possible to use real-time connection with various platforms such as SQL, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. The project was part of ‘Visual Analytics’ course which highlight how to visually display the data to gain more insights.

The application can be accessed at:


Tool Used

  • RMarkdown – was how data and R script could be rendered into HTML page
  • RStudio – made coding in R effortlessly and publish to shiny server for us
  • Shiny – was main engine to create interactive parts and filters
  • ggplot2, treemap – was how the graphs were plotted
  • plotly – was used to ‘enhance’ the plot with ‘zoom’ and ‘mouseover tooltip’

More Project Showcase

If you would like to establish projects similar to above, please feel free to contact me.
linkedinKanokkorn Prasongthanakit

The rest of this blog (except the showcases above) was written in Thai as I intended this to be a personal journal.

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